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Jerusalem, August the 13, 2010.

Children in the poor countries around the world
ask questions, want to take charge, small children,
for they ask us,
for that the present situation lies
in the hand of the people directing the Nation States,
whether elected or not,

whe have to know what our "leaders" do, did, intend to do
with the direction of OUR countries, for,
the day they decide a war,
the day they force us to be vaccinated,
the day they throw currencies under their filthy rug,
the day they provide you with a NUMBER,
the day the first bomb, epidemy, whatever,


Children Ask,
Animals Ask,
Plants Ask,

and WE


Children in poor countries, if they are healthy enough,
though in the worst possible human condition ,
Children SMILE.
They know Who they ARE, What they Need, What they Want.

And in many cases, they want to give, to help, to be part
of the salvation of Mankind,
of their country,
of their brothers and sisters
of their family,
of themselves.

"If I were president"

There are big problems around us and most of us want to resolve them.
But there is no CLARITY:
in Politic (and Military),
in Economy,
in Health,
in Education (and Science),
in Urban Management,
nor in Media.

We have Questions but
"leaders" have NO Answers,
while "Religions" have NO questions !

There are solutions, but,
we face hypocrit proud cruel people;
we don't see them ever,
but we elected them !!!

The most powerful, those that cast their shade over
Mankind's destiny,
represent the Law;
if you ask them, you break the LAW !!

Both secular and religious power is based on LAW.
But what is Law ?
Human conventions, not perfect by essence,
if not by experiment,
human Laws are our make to begin with,
but, in opposition to their moral aim,
to provide justice, to implement equality,
to give Freedom to Mankind,
our Laws protect Global Mayhem.

There are Questions to be Asked,
All of us,

And Answers to be Provided !
For if we leave the sames butchers in command,
if we don't take social responsibilities in genuine sane hands,
if we don't want to be served by
OUR Elected Representants
the way we desire and not secluded,
our children will nor forgive us,

"The - Incapable - PEOPLE",
who threw Earth and Mankind
to their Knees !!

Oh, and the Answers we wait for ?

Listen to the CHILDREN & to your HEART !
The world we live in is NOT the result of natural evolution,
BUT of controlled corruption !!!
It is still up to us to amend it ...

G.d Bless !!

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